Alice in Wonderland  
Mill Town Players   Feb 13-22
Cast List (25)

Jan Anderson - Duchess
Lena Bledsoe - Edith
Becca Childers - Ensemble
Brian Coker - White Rabbit
Skyler Crawford - Tweedledee
Jessie Davis - March Hare
Jacob Graddy - - Ensemble
Katie Halstensgard - Queen of Hearts
James Hawthorne - Mad Hatter
Trae Horne - Caterpillar
Zoe Jackson - Ensemble
Alex Kitchens - Ensemble
Anna Knobel - Dormouse
Will Landrum - Tweedledum
Ally McCaslin - Ensemble
Noe Perez - White Knight
Gracie Poore - Ensemble
Juan Rios - King of Hearts
Morgan Scott - Ensemble
Grayson Shirley - Ensemble
Gracie Southwell - Ensemble
Phillip Taylor - Ensemble
Josiah Thomason - Knave of Hearts
Maegan Willimon - Alice
Shane Willimon - Humpty Dumpty

*Members of the ensemble will play a variety of characters (to be determined in rehearsal) and/or serve as puppeteers.

CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, this is going to be a wonderful show! Everyone should be proud of their auditions. We saw so many talented folks and had to make many hard decisions. We hope that the folks who were not cast this time will try out again in the future. We'd love to see you again.

For those in the cast, please join us for our first meeting on Sunday, Dec 14, from 6:30 to 9pm in the Pelzer Auditorium. Thanks!